To join OPTrust Select, you must first be eligible under your employer’s participation agreement. If you are eligible, your membership will be mandatory or optional, depending on your age and employment status. In certain cases, you may not be eligible to join OPTrust Select.

Mandatory Membership

Membership in OPTrust Select is mandatory for eligible employees if you are less than age 65, and you work on a full-time continuous basis.

Your membership in OPTrust Select will begin on the latest of:

  • your date of hire
  • the date your employer becomes an OPTrust Select employer, or
  • the date you return to work from a leave of absence that began before your employer became an OPTrust Select employer.

Optional Membership

  • Membership in OPTrust Select is optional for eligible employees if:
    • you are less than age 65 and work on a less than full-time continuous basis (e.g., part-time), or
    • you are between the ages of 65 and 71 when you enrol.
  • If your membership in OPTrust Select is optional, you may choose to join at any time. To enrol, you must sign the Membership Enrolment form and give it to your employer.

Prohibited Membership

You are prohibited from participating in OPTrust Select if:

  • you participate in the primary schedule of benefits under the Plan
  • you are receiving a pension from OPTrust
  • you are over age 71, or
  • you are not part of an eligible group under your employer’s participation agreement.

If joining OPTrust Select is contrary to your religious beliefs, you may sign a waiver not to join. Under the terms of the Plan, you may join at a later date but are not eligible to buy back service for the period you don’t join.

Your Responsibilities as an OPTrust Select Member

As an OPTrust Select member, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Provide OPTrust with the necessary information required to administer your pension.
  2. Notify OPTrust when your information changes, so we may properly advise you about your pension and any options you may have.
  3. Review the pension statement you will receive each year and any other correspondence from us, and notify us of any discrepancies or errors.