If you are eligible to join OPTrust Select, complete a Membership Enrolment form and send it to your employer to enrol you. OPTrust will also need proof of your age and a Member Spousal Information and Beneficiary Designation form.

Am I eligible?

To join, your employer must participate in OPTrust Select and you must be eligible under your employer’s participation agreement. If you are eligible, your membership will be mandatory or optional depending on your age and employment status. You can find more information about eligibility on the first page of the Membership Enrolment form.

Not sure? Contact your human resources representative.

The documents we need from you

Send these documents to your employer or to OPTrust directly:

Secure ways to send documents to OPTrust

  • through optrustselect.com’s Contact Us page
  • by mail at 1 Adelaide St E, Suite 1200, Toronto Ontario M5C 3A7

Buying Back Past Service

One of the most popular features of OPTrust Select is the ability for members to purchase their past service with their current employer. This is what we call a buyback. A buyback means that if your organization joins OPTrust Select and you had worked there previously, you have the option to buy back that service as if you had been contributing to OPTrust Select the whole time. Buying back past service can be beneficial because it helps you increase your pension amount in retirement.

If your membership in OPTrust Select is optional, it’s important to note that you cannot purchase service from the period when your employer joined the plan to the date you enrolled. Rather, you can only purchase the service when you worked for your employer before your employer joined OPTrust Select. That’s why joining early is a valuable benefit.