You will be assigned a “Pension Partner” at OPTrust. This person will be your primary contact, and will respond to your questions within two business days. Your Pension Partner will schedule periodic meetings to keep you up to date, and may at times have questions about your data.

Pension Partner

Your Pension Partner will respond to any questions you may have within two business days, unless another timeline is specifically requested. You will be provided with alternate contacts in the event your Pension Partner is unavailable.

From time to time, OPTrust may have questions about your data. To facilitate efficient Plan administration and provide excellent service to our members, we ask that you respond to inquiries as soon as possible. If inquiries are not responded to or acknowledged within five business days, they may be escalated within your organization.

Your Pension Partner will schedule periodic meetings and keep you up to date on Plan news, administration updates, etc.

Online Services

OPTrust provides encrypted online services to facilitate safe transmission of information. Forms, data and messaging should always be sent via online services unless OPTrust has approved an alternate transmission method (such as Secure File Transfer Protocol). Your Pension Partner will be available to answer any questions regarding online services.

OPTrust Select Website

It is important for members and employers to access forms and information from the OPTrust Select public website at

The information on relating to the primary schedule of benefits does not pertain to members or employers of OPTrust Select.

Information to Members

Members should contact OPTrust directly for all pension-related inquiries.

OPTrust offers multiple channels to best serve the membership such as:

  • telephone
  • secure e-mail
  • public website information at
  • live and recorded webinars
  • information sessions: on site at workplace, OPTrust, or regionally (via conference rooms)
Note: Any information communicated by an employer to a stakeholder such as a member relating to benefits or rights under the Plan or otherwise, or any collective agreement or other agreement, that is inconsistent with the terms of the Plan documents or with written information provided or authorized by the trustees, is the sole responsibility of the employer. For greater certainty, neither the sponsors nor the trustees shall have any liability in respect of same.


Pension data such as employee personal and contact information, employment and salary information and benefit information require privacy protection.

To mitigate the risks of privacy breaches, you must:

  • transmit all personal and employment information to OPTrust using encrypted channels (online services/SFTP)
  • not use Social Insurance Numbers to identify members
  • never use unencrypted email if message or attachments contain personal or employment related information
  • not transmit data relating to employees who are not members of OPTrust Select with the exception of monthly eligible employee reporting
Note: Information about our privacy policies is available at