About OPTrust Select video

A SIMPLE Way to Save

With family and work commitments, it’s often hard to make time for retirement planning or to put aside savings. Joining OPTrust Select is a smart way to invest in your financial future and earn a secure pension at retirement, payable for your lifetime.

Who can join

OPTrust Select is available to employers in Ontario’s Broader Public Sector (BPS) and charitable and not-for-profit organizations that operate in Ontario.

If your employer participates in OPTrust Select you may be required to join or you may have the option to join.


4 reasons to join

  1. OPTrust Select is managed by a world-class investment team.
  2. The pension you receive is based on a set formula and is not impacted by day-to-day fluctuations in the market or investment performance.
  3. In an RRSP or defined contribution (DC) plan, the investment risk is on you as an individual to save enough for retirement. With OPTrust Select, you can’t outlive your pension because it is payable for life.
  4. Both you and your employer contribute to the fund.